Flexi Muscles - Wrist Wraps For Weightlifting
Flexi Muscles - Wrist Wraps For Weightlifting
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Flexi Muscles - Wrist Wraps For Weightlifting (Set of 2).

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Avoid Injury & Boost Confidence - Prevent injuries and enhance your confidence with lifting wrist straps that contour perfectly around your wrists, keeping them in a neutral position. This reduces tension on your wrist joints, improving your form and allowing you to lift with assurance.

Improved Lifting Support & Stability -  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, our weight lifting wrist wraps offer unmatched support. The proprietary elastic provides the ideal amount of immobilisation when needed, enhancing stability and significantly reducing the risk of injury.

Say Goodbye to Wrist Pain - Our gym wrist wraps feature reinforced thumb loops and customisable tension control, allowing you to adjust them to the perfect tightness for optimal support without sacrificing comfort. Don't let wrist pain hinder your progress any longer.

Stronger, Reinforced Design - Engineered for durability, our gym wrist straps feature a wider, more stable design with double stitching. The breathable, heavy-duty material is sweat-resistant, ensuring maximum support and comfort through every lift.

Customisable Tension - With Flexi Muscles weight lifting wrist straps, you control the level of tension. Adjust them to your needs and preferences, whether you’re focusing on heavy lifts or lighter, high-repetition exercises. Experience the perfect balance of support and flexibility.

Versatile Application - Our wrist wraps for lifting are not just for weightlifting. They are perfect for a variety of exercises, including powerlifting, CrossFit, bodybuilding, and more. Wherever your fitness journey takes you, Flexi Muscles Wrist Wraps will support you every step of the way.

Enhanced Performance - With secure and comfortable wraps, you can focus entirely on your exercises, leading to better performance and more effective workouts. Maximise every lift and achieve your fitness goals faster.

Durable and Long-Lasting -Built to withstand the rigours of intense workouts, our workout wrist straps are designed to last. The heavy-duty material and reinforced stitching ensure they remain reliable and effective, session after session.