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Flexi Muscles Pull Up Assist Resistance Bands (13mm)

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Burn, build and tone – Flexi muscles pull up resistance bands that allow you to perform various exercises, whether you want to burn fat, build muscles strength, improve mobility or have an even-toned body these will work for you. You can target different muscle groups such as your chest, triceps, biceps, quads, abs, butt, glutes, shoulders and many more.

Workout anywhere & anytime – our workout bands are designed with everyone in mind, they’re easily portable and can be used anywhere. You can use these at your local gym to intensify your workout or use them at home, your workplace or even when travelling.

Quality guaranteed –our pull up bands are built using premium latex which ensures maximum resistance and ensures that the bands stay in place while you exercise. These bands will not snap while you working out.

Our resistance bands are built with everyone in mind. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete we have a resistance band that is ideal for you. The pull up bands can be used for various exercises such as pull-ups, powerlifting, biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs, CrossFit, yoga and many more.

Our fitness bands are portable and easy to carry. You can now workout from anywhere, at the gym, home, workplace or even when travelling. Never miss a workout session again.

Flexi muscles resistance bands are made from premium 100% natural latex. This material ensures high resistance levels and ensures that the bands are soft and comfortable while they stay in shape during your workout.