Flexi Muscles - Foam Roller For Exercise
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Foam Roller Stretches for Back

Flexi Muscles - Foam Roller For Exercise, Deep Tissue Massage and Muscle Recovery.

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The perfect companion to yoga and Pilates, but well suited for runners or for flushing lactic acid from muscle tissue after a workout at the gym . The soft texture is very approachable for beginners just looking to start myofascial release.

The inner column is inserted into the hollow of the outer column, which is convenient for storage without occupying space. Built for a controlled full range of motion, tissue massage roller optimises surface contact so every muscle experiences knot & myofascial release.

Versatile uses, these workout bands can be applied for a range of exercises, from yoga to your own at-home exercise program, such as glutes and hip activation, to warm ups before working out.

Loved by runners , exercise athletes , yoga and pilates students , swimmers , physical or sports therapy patients , and aid those just doing a normal fitness workout. Great for the arch of the foot, and any part of the superior body but the spine or neck.