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Flexi Muscles – Boxing Focus Punching Mitts.
Flexi Muscles – Boxing Focus Punching Mitts.
Flexi Muscles – Boxing Focus Punching Mitts.

Flexi Muscles – Boxing Focus Punching Mitts.

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Enhanced Exercise Activity - Perfect for boxing enthusiasts of all levels, our boxing mitts provide a great exercise activity that helps you develop excellent punching and defensive skills. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these mitts are versatile and easy to transport, allowing you to train anytime, anywhere.

Ergonomic Design - Our boxing pads mitts are ergonomically designed to fit the natural curvature of the hand, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit during training sessions. This Hand-Shaped construction enhances your grip and control, allowing for precise movements and improved performance.

Effective Protection - Constructed with high potency foam padding, our boxing mits offer effective protection for your palm, wrist, and hand. The inner palm ball provides additional support and reduces the force of heavy impacts, minimising the risk of injury during intense training sessions.

Tailored for Training - Specifically designed for daily focus training, our focus mitts are built to withstand rigorous use and provide optimal performance. Whether you're practicing punches, blocks, or combinations, these mitts are your ultimate training companion.

Improved Accuracy - With our focus mitts for boxing, you can sharpen your accuracy and timing with each punch. The target zones are strategically positioned to help you hone your precision and strike with greater accuracy, allowing you to maximise your training efficiency.

Enhanced Speed and Agility - Train like a pro and improve your speed and agility with our punch mitts. The lightweight design and responsive padding allow for quick movements and rapid transitions, helping you build explosive power and agility in the ring.

Versatile Training Tool - Whether you're working on speed drills, defensive techniques, or offensive manoeuvres, our punching mitts for adults offer endless training possibilities. From solo workouts to partner drills, these mitts are a versatile tool that adapts to your training needs.