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Flexi Muscles - Olympic Bumper Barbell Plate for Strength Training (Single)

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Durability - Our bumper barbell plates are made from high-quality rubber, providing exceptional durability. They can withstand repeated drops and impact, making them suitable for high-intensity workouts and Olympic weightlifting.

Floor Protection - Our bumper plates are designed to absorb impact when dropped, minimising damage to the floor or lifting platform.

Noise Reduction: The rubber construction of bumper plates helps reduce noise when dropped, creating a more pleasant and quieter workout environment. This is especially important for home gym users who want to minimise noise disturbances.

Versatility- Flexi Muscles bumper plates are available in various weights, allowing users to customise the load for different exercises and fitness levels. They are commonly used for weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, and general strength training, offering versatility in training options.

Easy Identification - Our bumper plates are clearly labelled according to weight, making it easy for you to identify and load the desired weight quickly. This saves time and effort during workouts and ensures accurate weight selection.

High-Grade Rubber Material: Our Bumper plates are made from high-grade rubber providing exceptional durability and shock absorption.

Standard Diameter - Flexi Muscles bumper plates are designed with a standard diameter, allowing them to fit on standard Olympic barbells. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of barbells, making them suitable for various fitness facilities and home gyms.