Flexi Muscles – Blood Flow Restriction Bands
BRF bands
 Blood Flow Restriction Bands for Arms
BRF bands for Arms
Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs

Flexi Muscles – Blood Flow Restriction Bands for Arms (Set of 2).

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These Occlusion Bands can be used for sports training and restrict blood flow. With a super elastic band and a quick-release buckle, it is immediately released when the exercise is completed, and it is also very comfortable during fitness. This helps you build your muscles quicker.

Do not hold back your potential: Be the first in your gym to benefit from this science and leave your competitions behind!

Highest quality elastic material - ideal for occlusion training. Restricts proper blood flow, but not movement or muscle contractions.

When you use blood limiting bands for arms and for legs your workouts will be quick and more effective so that the training lifting adjustable weights for both arms and legs will be up to 10 minutes. Build the body of your dreams now by simply working out in a smart way.