Flexi Muscles - Arm Blaster for Curl Bar
Barbell Bicep Curl
Barbell Bicep Curl
 Arm Blaster for Home Gym
 Arm Blaster for Home Gym
 Arm Blaster for Arm Workout

Flexi Muscles - Arm Blaster for Curl Bar, Ideal for Dumbbells & Barbells.

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Support your posture - Best for weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding. Maintain your workout posture by using this Curl blaster, Arm Isolator helping your elbows in one place building your biceps and triceps. Try using arm curl attachment with bicep curl bar for bigger muscles.           

High performance design - Get easy bicep curls with Curling Equipment, Workout focused on building big lean bicep muscle, fully adjustable heavy duty fastener, one size fits all, comes with heavy duty nylon belt, 2 layers padded neck straps, Strong heavy duty aluminium.

Comfort and Stability - Bicep isolator fits different body shapes and has padded support in the elbows and at the neck for comfort and stability. An adjustable nylon strap allows you to improve stability and enhances gear durability.

Lock in good form: Isolate your Biceps and Triceps with our Premium Arm Blaster that enables you to maximise Biceps and Triceps muscle gains by locking your elbows in the perfect position. It helps eliminate any and all swinging so you can focus on a full contraction at the top of each repetition.